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Flake Floors

Our Epoxy Flake floors comes with more product in it than any kit on the market. Not the minimal flakes you will see in major retail stores. We 100% broadcast Flake floor using our industry-leading epoxy system.

These floors give an extremely clean look mimicking Terrazzo. Epoxy floors are durable and long-lasting. Our Epoxy Flake Floors are designed to go right over your existing interior concrete floors. Super easy to maintain. We top it off with Urethane Top Coat for even more chemical resistance and durability.

Color Patterns We Offer


Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Metallic Epoxy floor coatings is our more luxurious concrete coating option. Each space is designed based upon client interests in color and finish. Metallic Epoxy will transform any regular grey slab into a true work of art! They are a seamless high-end look often mistaken for one-of-a-kind unique marble! Imagine all of the possibilities in your home!


Our basic package includes 3 color options with a Mat or Gloss finish. We also offer a Grit Additive for higher traffic floors, such as restaurants or warehouses. Grit adds more grip in areas that may experience moisture during working hours. You choose a base color and one or two highlight colors that will be blended together for appeal!

Commercial installs such as restaurants choose the full color option to liven up the atmosphere. We also recommend 1 or 2 color way options for a simple, yet appealing look for commercial property!

Residentially the Metallic Epoxy coatings are fantastic for garage floors or homes sitting on slab concrete! See our recent projects for inspiration!

Color Options

Hardwood Overlay

Hardwood Overlays are show stoppers every time!  Industrial-Grade Concrete Overlay Hardwood technique that will never wear off. It’s thin, so it won’t complicate door thresholds or create tripping hazards. It will follow the contours of your concrete. It can also go vertical. No more grout to clean! Imagine beautiful hardwood in your garage or around a pool!

Choose between 4mm (about 1/8″) tape or, for more accentuated lines, 6mm (Recommended) (about 1/4″) tape. The tape size you choose will determine the width of the gap between each wood plank you make; these can also be called ‘grout lines,’ although they’re not filled with grout. The color and look of the grout lines between each wood plank will be the look of the concrete you’re going over. 

These floors are incredibly durable and mimic traditional Hardwood floors. They are 100% UV stable and can be installed inside or out. Now you can put hardwood in your garage to park on or even around your pool! Our Hardwood Overlays go right over your existing interior or exterior concrete. Super easy to maintain!

Color Options

Gray Grain with Medium Brown Stain

White Grain with Light Brown Stain

Light Grain with Light Gray Stain

White Grain with Black Stain

White Grain with Dark Gray Stain

Gray Grain with Black Stain

Gray Grain with Dark Brown Stain

Light Brown Grain with Dark Brown Stain

Dark Brown Grain with Black Stain

Texture Deck

Texture Deck is designed to go over your existing exterior concrete to add texture for grip. Often used on pool decks, Texture Deck is *30% cooler than concrete (Does not apply to black due to its dark tint). Texture Deck is also a popular application for driveways and wheelchair ramps. Because of Texture Deck’s grip, it works great where ADA compliance is required. Combine all this with our lifetime warranty and you will have peace of mind for years to come!

Our Texture Deck System is the most cost-effective industrial coating on the market! All of our Texture Deck options are 100% UV stable and come with WB Sealer! Fantastic way to spruce up your outdoor concrete

Custom Work

Over the years of laying epoxy, we have had the opportunity to do some really cool artistic work. Thus giving us the opportunity to advertise custom jobs here! Epoxy counters are a seamless look often compared to high-end marble or other beautiful decorative finishes. This concept can apply to just about any counter top. We also have the option to do concrete wall finishes. It makes any contemporary wall look and feel just like concrete! Very unique and modern style!

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